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Board of Directors Online Election 2018
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Fairfax Bar Association Board of Directors Online Election


The Fairfax Bar Association Board of Directors online election begins Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 12:00 PM and ends Friday, June 22, 2018 at 4:00 PM. Only Regular and Honorary Members of the FBA are eligible to vote. In order to vote, Regular and Honorary Members must have a valid email address on file with the Fairfax Bar Association.


Eligible members may vote from any location providing Internet access. A computer will be made available at the FBA office, should any member need to vote at that location.


Each eligible voter will receive an email prior to the opening of the online election with login, username, and password information needed to vote. This email will also contain detailed information on the election process and the candidates.

Candidate information can be found below, and can also be viewed on the ballot. Click on a candidate's name to view their biography. 


PLEASE NOTE: You must vote for as many candidates as there are openings.


In order for your ballot to be processed, you must cast:

  • One (1) vote for FBA Vice-President (uncontested); and,
  • Five (5) votes for the FBA Board of Directors.


If you have questions regarding the online election, please contact the FBA office at 703-246-2740.


    The following are responses by each candidate to the question, "What do you see as the FBA's priorities?"

    Candidate for FBA Vice-President


    Donna R. Banks

    Office of the County Attorney for Fairfax County

    The Fairfax Bar Association must instill and support communication within its body to ensure that it continues to be an essential organization to its members by providing all of its members with opportunities for educational exchange, as well as networking and mentoring opportunities. These communications must encompass communication with practicing attorneys with each other, improve diversity within its programs and communication with the Bench. As the needs of the community change, becomes more diversified and in the face of technological advances, and budget constraints, there needs to be greater opportunity for outreach and communication, not only within the legal community but with the non-legal community as well. Greater access to continuing legal education as well as an acknowledgement of diversity is key, in addition to the freedom to exchange ideas for the betterment of the organization.

    FBA Involvement: 

    Fairfax Bar Association Board of Directors (2012-present).  Fairfax Bar Association Executive Board (2016-present); Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Committee: 2001-2006; 2008-2018 (Committee Chair, 2010-2011; Committee Co-chair, 2011-2012. Compiling Fairfax Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Manual (2011-2016); Assisted in the planning committee for the Fairfax Bar Conference, “Roll the Dice” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Authored Abuse and Neglect Section of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Manual: (2006); Authored multiple sections within the proposed Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Manual, for roll out in June of 2016. Speaker for the Juvenile and Domestic Relation District Court Manual Seminar, “Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children” (2002); Annual Criminal Law Seminar (1997).  Speaker for Elder Abuse Prevention Program; Adult Protective Orders, (2015); Board Liaison for the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Committee (2013-2018); Board Liaison for the Legislative Committee (2014-2015); Board Liaison for the Continuing Legal Educational Committee (2015-2018); Model Judge Participant in the Model Judiciary Court Program (2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018)

    Candidates for FBA Board of Directors


    Richard F. Gibbons, Jr. 
    Richard F. Gibbons, Jr., P.L.C.

    The FBA has four priorities: (1) to educate our members about recent developments in the law across a wide spectrum of practice areas; (2) to foster opportunities for networking and collegial relationships among members of the Bar; (3) to support programs and efforts that provide legal services for those who face financial or other obstacles to the legal system; and (4) to advocate for resources for Fairfax County Courts, including the full staffing of the judiciary, and to provide input on selection of judges.

    FBA Involvement: 

    I have been actively involved in the FBA for over 17 years. During this time I served as the Chair for the Legislative Committee for four years, and I was either Co-Chair or Vice-Chair of that committee for another three years. In addition, I have served on the Circuit Court Committee since 2007. I have been a member of the FBA Board since 2013, and I am currently Secretary to the Board.



    Sarah A. Hensley
    Fairfax County Attorney's Office

    The [FBA's] biggest priority is responding to members' concerns, and providing a platform to engage the bench and the bar. Educating members is also key: CLEs improve everyone's practice by teaching how to be more efficient in litigation, staying abreast of changes in the law, encouraging more congeniality, and serving our clients' needs.

    FBA Involvement: 

    When I first joined the FBA, I served on the Young Lawyer's Committee. Upon returning to practice in Fairfax a few years ago, I joined the Circuit Court Committee. I initially served as Chair of the Civil Litigation Subcommittee. During my term, the Subcommittee proposed changes to motions day procedures, which ultimately resulted in changing some motions to compel to one week motions. For the past year, I've served as Chair of the Circuit Court Committee. In this role, I've led two major projects: creating and proposing changes related to audio recording in the courtrooms, and serving as one of the Co-Editors-in-Chief of the Circuit Court Practice Manual. I've also volunteered with the mock trials put on during the Chocolate Lovers Festival and at local schools.



    John A. Kassabian
    Kassabian & Kassabian, P.L.C.

    [The priorities of the FBA are to] bring members of the bar together, to meet, interact and build lasting relationships with members of the bar. To collectively work with judges, clerks, court personnel and members of the bar in an open and transparent process and to offer thoughtful insight and solutions to important issues that arise concerning the administration of justice in our court system. To ensure the highest level of ethics, integrity, fairness and professionalism of our legal profession are met, maintained and promoted. To ensure open access to legal services. To increase and enhance the legal skill of our bar members. To offer continuing legal education programs. 

    FBA Involvement: 

    Board of Directors, 2015 to Present; Circuit Court Committee, 2015 to present; General District Court Committee, 2008 to present; Chairman of the General District Court Committee, 2009-2013; Co-Chairman of the General District Court Committee, 2013-2014; Vice Chairman of the General District Court Committee, 2008-2009; Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Committee; Ombudsman of the General District Court Judicial Feedback Program; Mentor of the Fairfax Bar Association Mentorship Program; Co-editor of the 2012, Updated Manual of Pre-trial Sentencing & Screening Programs; Worked with members of the General District Court Committee, General District Court Judges, Clerks and members of the bar implementing DWI/DUI procedures in the General District Court; Worked with members of the Circuit Court Committee updating the criminal section of the Circuit Court Manual; Participant of Color of Justice Program, Participant of Devonshire Program.



    Maddox & Gerock, P.C.

    [The FBA's priorities are:] Community involvement, outreach, finding ways to serve those who need legal assistance, as well as serving our members and ensuring the already difficult job of being an attorney advocate is a little more efficient, perhaps easier, and certainly kinder.

    FBA Involvement: 

    I have actively served on the FBA Young Lawyer's Board since 2012, and served as President of the Young Lawyer's Board from 2016-2017. I presently sit on the FBA Board of Directors, albeit in my role as past president of the Young Lawyers Board and in an ex officio capacity. I have planned and volunteered with the Color of Justice Program; planned, coordinated, and moderated CLEs, have volunteer for the Law Foundation 5k for the majority of the last 5 years, and even served on the 5k subcommittee.


    Elanna Weinstein

    The Myerson Law Group, P.C.

    I see the FBA's priorities as increasing member benefits; increasing community support; retaining current members and obtaining new members; providing learning opportunities; creating networking opportunities; promoting relationships between members of the Bar; and enabling interactions between members of the Bar and the Bench. 

    FBA Involvement: 

    I have been a member of the Fairfax Bar Association since 2008. I was on the Board of the Young Lawyers Section from 2010 through 2012. I have been on the Circuit Court Committee since 2009 and a member of the Domestic Relations Subcommittee since 2012. I am currently a Co-Chair of that subcommittee. I was Vice-Chair of the Legislative Committee from 2014 through 2016 and have been Chair of that committee since 2016. I have also been a judicial funding liaison for the circuit court.


    Robert M. Worster, III
    Cooper Ginsberg Gray PLLC


    It is critical to preserve the financial resources that have been built up over many years of consistently prudent stewardship. Only then will adequate resources exist during economic downturns to continue investing in all FBA priorities. 

    It is also imperative to preserve and enhance the reputation of the FBA. The integrity and proud tradition of the FBA has not been challenged in recent memory. 

    Next, the board should routinely insist that the staff of the FBA is competitively paid and that any barriers to job satisfaction are promptly removed.

    The FBA should seek to exceed its stated mission, to serve its members by 
    - Cultivating professional competence, collegiality and diversity;
    - Facilitating interactions between its members and members of the Bench;
    - Fostering the public’s understanding of the practice of law and the judicial system;
    - Operating a public law library; and
    - Serving as a leading voice of the legal profession.

    Finally, it should be responsive to its membership and the public at large.

    FBA Involvement:

    Director, Fairfax Bar Association Board of Directors (2017 to present).
    Ombudsman of the FBA’s Circuit Court Judicial Feedback Program (J. Bellows).
    Member, Fairfax Bar Association (FBA) (2006 to present).
    Member, Fairfax Law Foundation (FLF) (2018 to present)
    Member, FLF Ad Hoc Committee on Grants (2017 to present)
    Member, Joint FBA/FLF Task Force on Pro Bono Funding (2018 to present)
    Member, FBA Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Committee (2017 to present).
    Member, FBA Circuit Court Pro Bono Committee (2016 to present).
    Member, FBA Circuit Court Committee (2008 to present).
    Co-Chair, FBA Circuit Court Domestic Relations Subcommittee (2016–2017).
    Co-Chair, FBA Circuit Court Pro Se Subcommittee (2016–2017).
    Volunteer, Domestic Violence Attorney of the Day (2010 to present).
    Volunteer, Pro Bono Legal Services, Neighborhood Outreach Program (2017 to present).
    Volunteer, Chipping in to End Domestic Violence golf tournament (for the benefit of the Fairfax County Homeless Shelter). 

Aaron Joseph Christoff
Law Office of Aaron Christoff, PLLC

[The priorities for the FBA are] continued efforts to ensure full funding and preservation of authorized seats for our Bench at every level of the Court. We need to ensure budget constraints do not impact our Court’s ability to function efficiently. Our priorities should include making sure the Fairfax Court system is accessible and usable by the public, whether or not they can afford legal counsel, through support of pro bono programs and initiatives. I also believe the FBA’s role in continuing to educate and train its Bar members is a priority.

FBA Involvement: Circuit Court Committee and Domestic Relations Sub-Committee (2009-Present), Vice-Chair of Domestic Relations Sub-Committee (2014-Present); Legislative Committee (2009-Present), Vice-Chair (2011-2014), Chair (2014-Present); FBA Judicial Funding Task Force (2012-Present), Vice-Chair (2014-Present); FBA President's Award Recipient (2013); Devonshire Program Volunteer; Fairfax Law Foundation Fellow


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